Our Story

Furniture Design, Custom Doors, Cabinets & More in the Bay Area

Berkeley Mills occupies 31,627 square feet in the Bay Area. It’s a tangible and definable space that fosters the creation of the intangible, the esoteric, and the timeless.

Berkeley Mills Showroom & Workshop, Local Bay Area Cabinet & Furniture Shop

It’s a place of unwavering focus, where visionary designers and unparalleled craftsmen strive to become legendary listeners. A place where every artisan is keenly aware that we are ultimately judged by what we do, and what we’ll leave behind.

We strive to design and handcraft furniture and architectural works that grace our clients with a sense of inner peace. One piece at a time.

Living Area with Solid Wood Furniture, Bay Area Custom Designed Kitchens & FurnitureFor us, it’s not just about how it looks, it’s about how it feels. The lifelong relationship between owner and finished piece must be physical as well as cerebral. It’s about your personal relationship with it. How it becomes a part of your life, and vice versa.

We conceive and craft items unique in character through our design aesthetics. Our creations are highly functional, yet remarkably comfortable. We don’t copy anyone. Likewise, no one can match what we do. And because of the natural variance in our materials of choice, every item that bears our name is truly one of a kind. Every time.

We’ve earned the trust of the gatekeepers of earth’s finest hardwoods through twenty years of creating items that provide the ultimate showcase for nature’s rarest raw materials. Today, at prestigious suppliers around the world, the largest and clearest boards are often set aside for our exclusive use.  And we’ll scrutinize the bounty of an entire tree to discover the handful of boards destined to live on harmoniously in one of our timeless creations.

The exceptional is alive and well and thriving in 31,627 square feet in the Bay Area at Berkeley Mills. Come visit us to be a part of it, for your exceptional lifetime.