The Tansu Reinvented

The Japanese Tansu first appeared in the middle of the 17th century, during the Edo period, yet its versatile design makes it eminently suitable to 21st-century lives. Basically a collection of stacked wooden boxes and cabinets, the Tansu represents the ideal fusion of form and function. It is flexible and modular, conceptually simple yet meticulously constructed—in short, the consummate test of a craftsman and the perfect solution to modern storage challenge.

Your  custom Tansu will be built to meet your desired needs for the space its to be placed in. We can build you a single sided unit to be placed next to a wall, or a double sided one so you may place it away from the wall in the middle of a room and have access from either side. A Tansu makes wonderful room divider by allowing an open feeling but sill giving context to each space.

Tansu Products